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Property Management Services FAQ's

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions relating to our property management services, and why you should work with Madeira Estate to provide an incredible experience for your guests.

frequently Asked Questions

Reservations for your AL Holiday Apartment/Villa are managed through the respective booking platform,, Air B&B or similar. Guests use these platforms to communicate with us and are also provided with emergency and assistance numbers when they check in.

At Madeira Estate, we have a centralised booking calendar that we can share with the property owner, so you can see a quick overall view of your property’s past and present bookings.

Madeira Estate is not responsible for screening guests at your holiday property. Booking Platforms use several tools to ensure that Guest Names are screened against global sanctions watch lists and Fraud Scoring. For more information, consult with the relevant Booking Platform.

By setting and communicating ‘House Rules’, your guests clearly understand their responsibilities while staying at your property. Guest reporting tools allow us to report misconduct with the relevant booking platform so that other hosts can choose to cancel any future bookings they may make.  

There is no minimum stay requirement with Air B&B or This is at your discretion and can be amended at any time. Madeira Estate can offer advice on booking duration and whether a minimum stay requirement would be suitable for your property.   

Guest Cancellation policies are determined by the hosting platform. 

Hosts have the option to add a non-refundable option to their listing. 

As a host, you can remove your property from listings at any time, but there maybe financial penalties relating to any future bookings that may have been made. 

If you wish to cancel your property management services, please provide thirty days’ notice, in writing, to [email protected] 

Giving your guests a warm welcome is one of the most important parts of their stay at your property, setting the tone for the rest of their visit. 

Our friendly team welcome every guest in person, offering a walk through the property, local knowledge, car hire tips and 24/7 assistance. Your guests will also find a brochure, bespoke to your property with all the information about fire safety, health and safety, instructions for electrical appliances and emergency contact information. 

They will also be greeted with a Welcome Basket, including Bolo de Mel, Madeira Wine and fresh fruit.  

Maintaining your Alojamento Local or long-term rental property can be difficult sometimes. We work on your behalf and bring in trustworthy and experienced tradespeople to repair faulty equipment or decorate when necessary, so you don’t have to worry.

We can work with you to find sufficient insurance cover for your rental property, and in the event of a claim, work on your behalf to manage the process and settle. Please note that Property Insurance is mandatory when running an Alojamento Local business and a condition on your license being granted.  

Our partner company, MC Contabilidade, offer full accountancy services, ensuring that your property business remains compliant with Portuguese tax laws. We register your activity and submit monthly and annual statements to make sure you pay the correct amount of tax in a timely manner.  

Accountancy services are included with our Complete Package

Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF), Portugal’s border service, require the registration of every guest on their online portal on the day that they check into your property. 

With our Basic and Complete packages, Madeira Estate will manage this process on your behalf.   

Our Complete Package includes support for obtaining and maintaining your Alojamento License.

The cost of obtaining the license and associated health and safety/fire safety equipment and signage is your responsibility, but Madeira Estate will manage the process on your behalf. We will install fire extinguishers, fire blankets, emergency signage and contact information so that your property remains compliant with the strict regulations.

The application process can take from a few weeks to a couple of months and is dependent on the local municipality where your property is located. A detailed inspection is required by the municipality to ensure your property is safe, insured, and ready to receive guests.

Officers from the local municipality will perform routine checks on your property to ensure that you remain compliant with regulations, without notice.

We will also manage the complaints book, which is mandatory for all businesses operating in Portugal.

Your business must be registered with the tax office before you apply for your license.    

Seeing an overview of activity at your rental property is an important feature for many AL owners. Madeira Estate manages all guest reservations through dedicated booking platforms and adds all reservations to a shared calendar that you can access 24/7.

Your property is thoroughly cleaned and inspected after each guest’s stay. 

Photographs of any damage or wear and tear are recorded and actioned accordingly.

Periodic detailed inspections are carried out to ensure your property is maintained to the highest standard, and in top condition for your guests.   

As well as managing your property on Booking Platforms and Review Sites, we can also build and manage your social media presence, creating posts, stories, and sharing your guest’s experiences.  

Showing off your property and making it as attractive as possible for potential bookings is important to us at Madeira Estate. We’ll provide professional photography, detailing your property’s best features to be used in listings and social media.

We’re not responsible for setting the rates for your property, but we can offer advice to make sure you maintain a profitable business, remain competitive with comparable properties and stay on top of seasonal pricing fluctuations.  

Madeira Estate can manage your property’s mail in several ways.

  • Mail Redirection Service – Arranging for your mail to be redirected to an address of your choice
  • Mail forwarding – Redirecting your mail to our Funchal office and storing it securely for you, forwarding it to an alternative address, or opening your mail on your behalf and sending you an electronic copy.
  • Collect mail from your property in person and forward it to you as you wish.

Security deposits are not mandatory but can be enabled through booking platforms. When a guest makes a reservation, a security deposit is held by the booking platform and returned to the guest once their stay is over and we determine that they are not liable for any damage or repairs.

The amount of deposit required is usually set by the host and we can offer advice on the amount required.

The cost of cleaning materials, hand soap, and toilet rolls are included in the cost of the Property Management service packages. If your property has a dishwasher, laundry machine, or coffee machine, then these items are typically purchased by guests during their stay as required.

After each guest reservation, hand soaps and toilet rolls are replenished as required.

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